How To Get Living Ships In No Man’s Sky

Living Ships In No Man’s Sky

NMS’s latest update introduces Void Eggs and Living Ships. These new alien technology samples bring a new ship class into the space game.  This guide explains how to get Living Ships in No Man’s Sky. These new ships are really cool, and after all, who doesn’t want to let their inner Tyranid out every once in a while. To get the new ship, you need to fulfill a few different requirements.

To unlock the Void Egg, which hatches into the Living Ships In No Man’s Sky, you need to acquire it by completing specified missions and purchasing it from the vendor. You need 3,200 Quicksilver for a Void Egg, but you can only do a single Quicksilver mission per day.

Completing these missions is pretty simple once you have the hang of playing No Man’s Sky. You will be doing combat, exploration and resource gathering. Although expect the missions to take some time, examples reported include killing dozens of enemy types, delivering large amounts of individual resources, and other time-intensive tasks.

You need tons of Quicksilver though before you can even think about buying the Void Egg. And you need the Void Egg before you can hatch the new living Ship, therein lies the problem with this update, you’re going to be grinding for a while. The only source of Quicksilver Missions is the Nexus NPC aboard the Space Anomaly that spawned when you started the quest chain. You have to keep completing missions after they reset each day to earn the amount of Quicksilver you need. Keep completing the daily missions for The Nexus until you have 3,200 Quicksilver.

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After you purchase the Void Egg, keep it around for about 24 hours and it should hatch into the full Living Ship. Now you can take Living Ships In No Man’s Sky for a spin at your leisure.

If you want to see what these new ships look like, check out the preview trailer from the developer down below.

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