How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

The Karen Challenge in BitLife is a pretty funny joke, you get to act out all those horrible videos of being a completely unlikeable person. The life simulation app even has multiple stages for this challenge. The game has tons of these hidden challenges and references, and for this one, you need to be a very mean person. You can view a list of the full requirements for this challenge and some basic tips to complete it as well.

How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

You need to do these steps to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife:

The first two objectives of the challenge are pretty, as you can gain these very quickly. You need to make sure you have decent grades in high school so you can get into college, resulting in a decent office job. Make sure to study a lot and keep hitting up the library to ensure that happens.  Just work your way through life until you have a steady job. Save your money and buy the minivan for starters, after you’re name’s Karen of course. The next steps are where this gets harder to do.

The next task revolves around having a bunch of enemies.  Your goal is to get your coworkers to dislike you, as it’s key to get the HR reports. Now, to report to HR, you need to have enemies at work. You may have to rely on RNG a bit to get them to hate you sometimes. But once an enemy is formed they are more likely to do something horrible to you at work. That’s when you get a prompt for how to respond. When you do, one of the options should involve filing a report to HR.

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How to make enemies

This can also help with getting the 10 enemies you need for the Karen Challenge in BitLife. If you’re constantly reporting people to HR and filing lawsuits all over, this will happen pretty quickly. The best way to force it is to make up rumors. To do this, head into the relationships tab and select the option to start a rumor about the person. The more friends you have the easier this is, try dating as a way to rack up multiple relationships.

There’s an easy one when getting lawsuits, and that’s to get fired. Go to the Activities tab and look under Lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit against your former employer after they fire you. Get fired from multiple jobs for being a Karen, and you can knock out this part pretty easily. The most common way to file lawsuits is to have someone hate you so much that they insult you or try to fight you. this will most often result in the option to file a lawsuit against them. Keep in mind that winning lawsuits requires very expensive lawyers, so you may need money if you intend to win them all. You don’t even need to win them to get the challenge completion, but it’s nice to get the payday from a win.

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