How to recharge special abilities in Chivalry 2

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Chivalry 2 has a lot more to offer compared to the first game. As you and dozens of other players battle over zones of control, the bloody din of battle rings around you. You’re going to hear the grunts of exertion and the screams of pain that come along with medieval combat. And during all this, you can even brawl with your pals in the game. During all that chaos you will notice that you have a few different abilities, as well as classes

The class systems in the game allow players to pick from a few different classes, each one specialized in a certain archetype of combat. You might find some choices prioritize ranged support, so they have Archer and Vanguard abilities. A more tanky frontline fighter might be all about a mix of Vanguard and Knight attacks.

Each archetype class in the game has its own suite of abilities, and that also applies to special abilities in Chivalry 2. You want to be able to keep in the fight, so being able to recharge these techniques is very important. All your most devastating attacks are locked behind these cooldowns. In Chivalry 2, you will need to trigger the cooldowns to get your special attacks back. Here’s how to handle that.

How to recharge special abilities in Chivalry 2

How to recharge special abilities in Chivalry 2

Most of the abilities rely on active play to recharge the special abilities. This is because the developers want to specialize and reward players that learn their chosen class. Being more lethal in combat is the best way to ensure you have all your tools honed for battle. Check out the sections below for what to do for each class. As players choose different ability suites, they will have to do these things to fully power-up those archetypes.

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How to recharge Knight special abilities in Chivalry 2

To recharge Knight special abilities, you need to be in the thick of the fighting, and either block or take damage. Doing well and deflecting incoming blows will open up foes for follow-up attacks, handy that you have your full power attacks charged up.

How to recharge Vanguard special abilities in Chivalry 2

To recharge Vanguard special abilities, you need to use the Leaping Strike to trigger the recharge. Get a kill with this attack and your Vanguard abilities will come back.

How to recharge Footman special abilities in Chivalry 2

To recharge Footman special abilities, you need to heal or revive downed teammates. Get out there and be an effective support to get your full range of attacks and abilities.

How to recharge Archer special abilities in Chivalry 2

To recharge Archer special abilities, you need to land headshots on enemy players. You don’t necessarily need to kill them, but getting kills with bows is a great way to keep enemy squads pinned down.

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