How the Talent Agent in BitLife Works

BitLife Movie Star Update

The BitLife Movie Star update is here. It comes to us in the form of the Job Actor Pack, a paid upgrade. The new content adds a bunch of new jobs and other features to the game, centering around getting big in Hollywood. With the release of the Movie Star update in BitLife, you’ll have the option to grab the Actor Job Pack or the Boss Mode update. If you bought the God Mode addon or the Boss Mode content,  you should have access to it. You can become an actor, take on a Talent Agent, or just build your personal fame. The goal is to become either a TV or movie star, but you can take your own path to get there.

That usually means you have to put in the work to improve your acting skills and taking tons of auditions. The process is slow, but there are ways to help speed the process up. Having high Looks is a good start. Being young is another helpful element, as younger characters seem to get more roles. That’s where talent agents come in.

How the Talent Agent in BitLife Works

But to find most auditions, you’re probably going to want to use a talent agent. They can manually find you roles, or you can find them on your own. To actually use this feature, you must get a Talent Agent in BitLife. To find one, it’s pretty simple. You’ll have the chance to hire a Talent Agent from the Special Careers menu under Occupations. When hiring a Talent Agent, you’ll need to pay $1,500 upfront to find one. This doesn’t guarantee that you get taken on though, so keep that in mind. And yes, you need to make this payment each time you search for an agent, and it’s non-refundable.

The higher reputation the Talent Agent has, the better chance of high-quality roles being offered to you. This is key to find success in the Actor job. But it goes beyond that, as you need to actually put the work into both yourself and your networking. You need to be out there, auditioning for roles as much as you can.

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How to Audition for Roles

You have two options for when you want to audition for roles in BitLife. The easiest one is just to try and find roles yourself. Click Occupation, then Special Careers, and the Actor job. From here, choose from either a TV or Movie role. The game will give you a bunch of options for roles to audition for. From there, you just have to hope you do well. The other option for finding roles is to let your agent handle it.

When you hire a Talent Agent, they will then show up in your Occupation tab. By going there and clicking the Talent Agent, you can choose various options. The one you want to have them find a new role is Job Inquiry. This will generate a random role that you can audition for, although there’s no way to control what kind of role you get. It could be a TV or movie role, as it’s entirely random. The Script Quality is a pretty big factor here.

The higher Script Quality is, the more the role would have a positive impact on your reputation within the industry. Taking too many low-end roles will harm your chances of getting better gigs in the future. But when you’re first starting out, these can be helpful. The low-budget movies that often have bad scripts are actually perfect for a character with low acting skill. The roles are much easier to get if you are just starting out.

Once you get your first role, you will notice a Reputation meter appear on your stats, this is key to the Movie Star update, as it measures how well you’re doing in the industry. Keeping your reputation high by taking roles with high Script Quality is great for making more money, and building your fame.

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