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Mario Tennis Aces introducing 3 new characters including Boom Boom

Mario Tennis Aces Getting Three New Characters

Mario Tennis Aces is getting some new players on the court in early 2019.

Judging from a new announcement by the Big N, the sports game for the Switch is getting three new additions to it’s already impressive roster.

Boom Boom, Luma, and Pauline will be part of the roster as a three-part release throughout the first few months of 2019.  Judging by the announcements from the company, Luma is joining the game in January, followed by Boom Boom and Pauline in February and March, respectively.

Each of the new additions draws on a different period in the history of various games Mario and friends have appeared in. Boom Boom was one of the bosses in in Super Mario Bros. 3. Luma was added in Super Mario Galaxy as a minor character. Pauline dates all the way back to the original Donkey Kong from 1981.

Mario Tennis Aces launched exclusively on Nintendo Switch in June, and the expansive roster of iconic Nintendo characters, combined with the new game modes like Adventure mode, made for a fun experience for Switch owners. And I wouldn’t bet on this being the last release for the game either. Nintendo will probably be pumping more minor characters into Mario Tennis Aces  over the course of 2019 as well.

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Check out a short little teaser trailer for the new character update to Mario Tennis Aces down below, courtesy of Nintendo.

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