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Final Fantasy XV update lets you change Noctis’ appearance


We’ve got more news about free content updates for the road trip RPG that is Final Fantasy XV.

The major new feature is the ability to change your in-game avatar from the default Noctis to your Final Fantasy XV Comrades avatar. Although gear and clothing choices will remain static. But it’s a nice feature to have nonetheless.

Some minor adjustments to photo mode have also been made. Players can now share images, up to 10, with each other.

In other Final Fantasy XV news, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV has sold 7.7 million copies worldwide. This milestone is a major accomplishment for the franchise, and this game in particular. So much so that it’s gotten a ton of post-release support in the form of fixes and new content. Square Enix also previously revealed their plans to extend the life of the game into 2019 with new content updates.

That plan for the DLC and update roadmap was discussed in an interview developers Hajime Tabata and Takefumi Terada held with Dengeki Online (via Nova Crystallis). That interview revealed plans for at least four major DLC “episodes” for Final Fantasy XV. And now we have the next step with the latest free release.

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Final Fantasy XV was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2016, and arrived on PC in March 2018.

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