How to Get Revolutionaries in Tropico 6

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Tropico 6 has come, bringing the next iteration of the nation-building sim to gamers, and a huge dose of campy fun along with it. Tropico 6  once again places the player in the role of El Presidente, the dictatorial leader of a tiny island nation. Your job is to steward the island’s development and infrastructure through various ages, all the way to full independence and beyond. This process is broken up into various Eras, each with its own defining characteristics.

The Colonial Era is a pretty early part of the game, and that means a lot of work is ahead of you. As you struggle to build up the wealth of the tiny island nation, you must also manage the various external forces working against you. Since Tropico has long parodied the likes of the Cold War and its ideological underpinnings, that struggle is here as well.

How to Get Revolutionaries in Tropico 6

At some point in the game, you’ll encounter Sofia Ortega, the leader of the Revolutionaries. She will introduce you to the new factions for this part of the game. She will pop up throughout the game, offering various missions for mixed rewards. Getting her tasks done can be challenging, but it’s well worth it. The faction-based system of Tropico 6 will help you direct the course of your island. Play the factions off of each other to gain technological boosts and other boons.

How to Get Revolutionary Support in Tropico 6

The Revolutionaries actually offer something else as well. Sure, you can unlock new tech blueprints and more immigrants for completing their missions, but they also can help propel you beyond the Colonial Era. The core of this mechanic is building revolutionary support and using that to trigger the change in the Colonial Era. Essentially, you get revolutionary support by getting more revolutionaries, and that means helping them out.

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This is part of the system that leads to the independence mechanic. You need 60% Revolutionary Support to trigger the independence mission. The best way to get to this threshold is to get more Revolutionaries in Tropico 6. In simple terms, you need to do more missions for Sophia. This is also the best time to decide your path out of the Crown’s influence. You can either buy or shoot your way out. Each method requires building up infrastructure to either generate a mountain of cash, or to train more military citizens. The method you choose is up to you.

Once you build up enough support, you will get a special mission. During your time in the Colonial Era, you’ll be working for The Crown but you’ll be asked to complete tasks for the Revolutionary Leader. Eventually, you get given a mission to gain independence. You can either pay off the crown for $10,000 or to fight your way out. The former is far easier, as the Crown has a much stronger military. You will need to build your overall island into a fortress of bases and military personnel if you plan to survive the war. But for your playthrough, you know which option works better.

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