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How to cheat in Distant Worlds 2

Distant Worlds 2

Distant Worlds 2 is a space-based 4X game through and through. The core gameplay loop is simple, but it hides tons of depth. While managing that fledgling empire might seem a daunting task, the game offers a helping hand. The idea is that you truly settle into the role of a galactic emperor. And you have all the tools at your fingertips to manage that ever-expanding influence. But. there’s so much depth that it can be pretty overwhelming.

And if you find yourself getting taken out too soon by other empires, you have an option to make things easier. If you want to use any cheat in Distant Worlds 2, keep reading. The cheats in this game aren’t as simple as a console command, so you need to be careful. But once you get a handle on it, you can basically create an empire of immortal space gods.

How to cheat in Distant Worlds 2

Rather than relying on console commands or trainers, Distant Worlds 2 has a pretty clever built-in cheating system. The cheats in this game are a lot more complex than first meets the eye. The Game Editor can spawn a bunch of different items, from ships to planets, but it can be kind of a bugbear to handle. This guide should help you understand the basics of how to add some rather powerful modifiers to your empire.

Game Editor Explained

You can do some quite interesting things with this tool. The Distant Worlds 2 Game Editor makes it so cheating is pretty easy, once you know what you’re doing. By pressing the Esc key on your keyboard and bringing up the game menu, press Game Editor to begin. That will open up various options for adding planets and asteroids, as well as spawning ships. This is pretty useful, as you can basically spawn an entire system from scratch.  But what most people will want to do when they cheat in Distant Worlds 2 is to simply edit existing planets and asteroids.

Common Cheats

One of the best things you can do is simply add resources to asteroids and planets. Using the Game Editor and selecting a planet or asteroid brings up a menu that allows you to adds modifiers to it. There’s the option to Add Bonuses and Add Resources. For example, if you have a Mining Station in a system, modify the Asteroids around it to add Caslon and other basic resources in abundance. This can be really helpful for dealing with shortages. Also, improving the Quality will make the output higher. And a special note about Asteroids, don’t add location bonuses to them, there seems to be some kind of bug with the Game Editor that causes crashes if you do this.

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The Add Bonuses function is super powerful. You can basically turn your entire empire into a juggernaut. Any Location Bonuses you add apply to ships, research and more. Look below for a few more methods to add cheats for your empire:

  • Add Money – Open the Game Editor and press (Select Empire to Edit), then choose your own empire. You can change your cash and a few other basic stats here.
  • Research Bonuses – Open the Game Editor and click a planet you control, or that has a Research Station built on it. Click Add New Bonus then add any bonus to Research, such as All Research and individual Research Bonuses. Put 100 in the field next to the bonus name to apply a 100% bonus to your empire. And yes, the bonuses stack.
  • Colony Income – Open the Game Editor and click a planet you control, or that has any station built on it. . Click Add New Bonus then choose Colony Income from the list. This can apply up to a 100% bonus to all colonies taxes.

Distant Worlds 2 Cheats

A couple of things to keep in mind, are that the system doesn’t have an undo button. If you accidentally delete a planet, you will need to reload. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to save before making too many changes. Be careful not to spawn too many things in one place, as they can cause a crash.

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