How to fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise

How to fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise  is the biggest new Switch game of 2021 for a lot of people. For those of use Monster hunters who have thoroughly enjoyed World, and beaten it to death, we need something new to hunt. The game has tons of new and returning foes to battle and it’s a joy to get new settings to explore. And when you’re jauntily exploring around, you might find yourself a bit lost. The fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise can help with that.

When you want to get some places in a hurry, you might be a bit annoyed that you won’t always have fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise. The game locks it away for a bit so that it forces you into the tutorial first, before unlocking the full fast travel. And take this time to explore, enjoy the settings before you get deep into the hunting grind.

Here’s how to fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise. Just hold down the minus button and then press the A button. The map will come up with all the unlocked fast travel locations. You will need to find each fast travel camp location to get access to it after. The fast travel is locked to these locations, as you won’t be able to skip quests or scripted events with this system, not as intended.

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When you find a place you want to fast travel to, press A to confirm it. After a short loading screen, you can then start your hunt from the locale you chose. You will always jump right to the same spot, so you may miss some resource spawns if you do this. Although as you grind through the game, missing resources isn’t a big deal.

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