How to do the Blast Radius achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

Blast Radius achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

The Blast Radius achievement in Minecraft Dungeons is one of the harder achievements in the game. There are many different achievements in Minecraft Dungeons, 24 in total so far. This particular one is actually pretty hard, but not because the achievement itself is hard. To get it you need a certain item.

Getting this particular milestone involves blasting apart a mob pack with TNT, that takes some work. First you need to get the actual TNT.

To get the Blast Radius achievement in Minecraft Dungeons you will need at least one crucial item. That item is the TNT block. And since this game is not like normal Minecraft, you cannot craft TNT. This means that you will need to loot a TNT item from one of the enemies. So you’re likely going to be stuck killing a lot of mobs. It’s likely best to do this while farming for other items, like the elusive emeralds.

So while you’re taking out mobs, you will eventually get the TNT you need. After that, head back out into the world to find a nice open space. You need to have the TNT equipped, and be ready to chuck it once you have the setup accomplished. Getting the mobs around you can take work, use friendly mobs like the wolf or iron golem to help distract mobs while you gather others.

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Go around the game world and kite some mobs behind you. You can do this on any mission in the game. Once you have a nice trailer of enemies behind you, it’s time to make a try for the achievement. You will want to have health potion ready so you don’t die on the next step though.

Once you have the mob pack around you, chuck the TNT and lead the mobs into the blast radius. Heal through it to make sure you survive the explosion and you should get the achievement.

If you did it right, you will get an audio ping and a visual pop-up showing completion of the Blast Radius achievement.

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