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Here are the details on the Monster Hunter World: Devil May Cry event


Capcom has recently updated its Monster Hunter: World event schedule, which lists the start date for the upcoming Devil May Cry event. So it appears it won’t be much longer until players can start dressing up as the foul-mouthed demon hunter, Dante.

The first one is themed after Mega Man, and is live now. The second will take inspiration from Devil May Cry, and starts a little later on April 27.

In case you didn’t know here’s the scoop on the Mega Man event:

After accepting A Rush of Blood, a ★7 event quest, hunt 2 Odogarons to loot Mega Man Tickets. The Odogarons do not spawn at the same time, but instead respawn after a certain period of time so anyone who is used to the hunting pattern for Odogaron will be able to complete the quest with ease.

But enough about Mega Man, let’s hear more about Dante.

The newest event will center on a quest called “Code: Red”, and taking part in it will net them Dante’s alpha armor and sword. While his weapon is made to look like the thunder sword Alastor. Although it’s just a reskinned switch axe. There’s also a new gesture that’s part of the event that’s all about Dante.

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But Devil May Cry isn’t the only Capcom franchise to get the crossover treatment. Fans can expect an upcoming event themed around Street Fighter as well, complete with a Chun-Li themed armor set and more. There’s no word yet on when that content will be added to Monster Hunter World.

Whatever the future holds for the game, we can expect a lot more from Capcom’s best selling Monster Hunter game.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release is planned for late 2018.


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