How to slide in Madden 21

How to slide in Madden 21

When you cannot juke a hit in Madden 21, you do have other options. The best way for a QB to avoid getting flattened is to slide or otherwise just get out of the way. When a hit is barreling towards you, it’s pretty frightening. The game may have altered some of the movement physics and other changes in Madden 21, but that also has some negatives.

Some tackles will injure your QB now, and you really want to avoid that as it can cripple an otherwise solid offense. By using the slide in Madden 21, you can keep your team safe from some injuries, as well as keeping your offense effective on each drive. And also, if you want to shut down defensive momentum, forcing a stall in the action can help.

The slide in Madden 21 can only be done in some scenarios. The general idea is that you need to do it at the right time. The ball handler will need enough space to slide, and you don’t want a defender too close when trying it. Any defender—such as a linebacker or cornerback—that is too close to a slide, can easily interrupt it. If you’re on the other side of a slide, look out for the animation and you can interrupt it if you time the tackle right.

To perform the slide, continue holding the acceleration trigger (R2 for PlayStation or RT for Xbox) and then press square for those on PlayStation or X for Xbox users. If done right, you will see the ball handler go into a full slide.

You can use it to your advantage in a variety of ways. If you slide at the right time, you can even coast your way to a touchdown. Do it too soon though and you get called down on the 1 yard line. Although the best use for this technique is to avoid dangerous tackles. Both AI and player-controlled defenders will automatically avoid a sliding ball handler.

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