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Just Cause 4 releases horde of new gameplay videos

Just Cause 4

The development team behind Just Cause 4 has released a slew of behind the scenes videos about the game. Each one focuses on a different element of gameplay, and has their own unique insights into the thought process governing development of the high-energy sequel.

Just Cause 4 is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix. The game is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018. Pre-orders for the game are now open. Check out all of the newest gameplay videos from Avalanche down below.

There are two additional developer diaries discussing more about Just Cause 4. One focuses on the game’s main character, Rico, while the other dives deeper into Solis, the fictional South American setting for the game.

Apex Power

The old Avalanche engine is being tossed aside like a spent magazine. The team building Just Cause 4 needed something new and fresh to realize their incredible vision for the direction of the franchise, and they’ve found it with a new game engine that’s custom-built for this game.

This new engine enables things like dynamic weather, which you can see in another video below, but that’s not it. The “Apex” engine enables new physics and terrain modeling that will create the most beautiful and massive landscape in the Just Cause series yet. After 15 years, the team is breaking down all of the walls with this project.

The focus for Apex is power, pure and simple, “We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel, what we want to do is turn the bicycle wheel into a monster truck wheel.”. I can’t wait to see what else the devs are able to create with said power.

Force of Nature

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Just Cause 4 is all about chaos, and the graphics and gameplay teams are working together on a new system for this game. The new system creates hurdles and obstacles that change the landscape and the AI of the game in major ways. The team is working from real-world models to create a fully-featured simulation system for everything rendered in the form of weather. For example, lightning will seek out the highest point in-game.

The game engine is being heavily retooled by the team at Avalanche to revolutionize the Just Cause franchise in a chaotic way. And since Rico is the essence of chaos, players will be able to harness that power in unexpected ways.

Rico will even be able to weaponize the system in new and inventive ways, like towing enemies into the middle of a tornado.

Brand New Grapple Hook

Anyone who has played any of the Just Cause games knows the  insanity of the grappling hook quite well. And it’s getting even weirder in the latest game. Players will now be able to customize various aspects of this gadget for the first time. Things like tension, auto-retract, and even the speed at which it retracts can all be messed with. There’s also a custom abilities system in the works.

The grappling hook is the core of the gameplay experience in Just Cause 4, and using it to modify the environment and things within is the essence of player agency and chaos in the franchise, it’s great to see it come back in a new way.

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