How to break out of a maximum security prison in BitLife

How to Complete the Breakout Star Challenge

The new Breakout Star challenge is live in BitLife, and you’re in for one rough treat this time around. One of the most formidable objectives in the Breakout Star challenge is to get sent to the toughest prisons in this digital world, then break out of them. This multi-step process is no small feat, so there’s a few things you should know about how to get this done. Keep reading to learn more and figure out how to break out of maximum security prison in BitLife.

Before you being, there are a few things you need to know. For one thing, there’s a set order to this challenge. You need to be a prolific burglar first, and then get caught doing it, hopefully fairly young. Starting from a young age and getting caught stealing is the best option here, as you will be sent to Juvie fairly fast. Breaking out from there is easy, once you understand how the prison breaks work. For now, here are the steps you need to do to complete the Breakout Star challenge:

  • Break out of Juvie
  • Become Famous
  • Burgle more than $50k in cash and valuables
  • Break out of a maximum security prison
  • Appear in a magazine after breaking out of a maximum security prison

How to break out of a maximum security prison in BitLife

Escaping prison in BitLife is not easy. When you get sent there, you have a limited number of options under the prison menu. Under the Activities tab, there is an Escape option. Clicking that will bring up a puzzle maze that you need to reach the exit on without getting caught. Each maze is random and has various traps within it. Your job is to use this confusing layout to your advantage. Each time you move, the guards will also move one spot. Each time they move, you need to plan ahead and move around a circuitous route to get around the gaurd’s path.

Here’s a playlist that lays out all of the maps you can get and the paths to take:

Once you know how to escape, it’s time to put your plan into action. When you choose the option to escape, you’re presented with a unique puzzle for each prison. The tougher the puzzle, the higher the security of the prison you’re fleeing. The basic ones might only be patrolled by a single guard. More stringent puzzles include multiple guards, dogs and even more confusing layouts. Getting out of a maximum security prison in BitLife is no easy task, use the video playlists linked above to help you out.

Remember, you need to do these in the correct order. Get sent to increasingly higher-security prisons, then break out. For the first one, get caught for minor theft and sent to Juvie as a teenager, then break out. For the medium one, get arrested for a second time by committing crimes like GTA, Burglary, Murder, or Shop Lifting and escape. Finally, you will be sent to and need to flee from a maximum security prison in BitLife

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