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Project Zomboid

There are a lot of zombies in Project Zomboid, like an endless amount. And getting stuck in the middle of a horde is a bad idea. It’s a terrible idea if you’re armed with nothing but a fire axe. Overall, it’s very simple and easy to find guns in Project Zomboid. Checking around aimlessly for guns inside homes is a bad idea, though. it’s much better to know exactly where to look. Having an idea of where to find guns is good, and it’s a wonderful feeling to cut down entire hordes with an arsenal of small arms.

The one thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to often get past locked doors in some locations. The armory inside police stations, and gun safes inside other places, are often locked. You will either need to disassemble the door or break through the wall in most cases. In the later game, you have some options for picking the lock, but this might not be the preferable option. As you explore, be sure to keep an eye out inside the locations listed below for firearms and ammo.

All Possible Gun locations in Project Zomboid

There are plenty of buildings in the game where you can find both the guns and ammo. Having enough ammo on hand is important. And thankfully, you can also craft ammo with certain mods. It’s a good idea to keep those mods enabled if you plan to use a lot of guns. When searching for them though, you need to know where to look. Storage crates, wardrobes, metal lockers and dressers can all have guns in them. The chances inside regular homes are low, but not impossible. Use the list below to know the best places to find guns in Project Zomboid.

  • Police Stations
  • Riverside Police Station
  • Rosewood Police Station
  • West Point Police Stations
  • West Point Gun stores
  • Residential Homes
  • Barricaded buildings
  • Louisville Police Outpost
  • Louisville Army Surplus Store
  • Louisville Military Check Point
  • Military Base north of Rosewood
  • Dixie Police Station
  • Muldraugh Police Station
  • Valley Station Shooting Range
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Don’t forget to check everywhere inside the locations listed above. There’s a higher chance to find guns in lockers and metal cabinets inside police stations and gun stores, but residential homes can have them as well. Some weapons will be much more common, like the basic pistols. But for the most powerful ones, like the M16 Assault Rifle, you need to hit up military bases or get very lucky. Other locations include inside car trunks. Police cars are one of the best ways to do this. Get into the driver’s seat and pop the trunk to see what’s inside. You will often find pistols and the JS-2000 Shotgun in the back of cop cars.

You can also find various attachments inside gun shops and police stations. Iron Sights and various scopes can greatly increase range. Lasers make your shots more accurate. Recoil pads reduce recoil, further increasing accuracy. Be sure to bolt on an mods when you find them to make your guns more useful in combat.

All Guns in Project Zomboid

  • MSR700 Rifle
  • MSR788 Rifle
  • JS-2000 Shotgun
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • M16 Assault Rifle
  • M14 Rifle
  • M9 Pistol
  • M1911 Pistol
  • D-E Pistol
  • Mangum Revolver
  • M625 Revolver
  • M36 Revolver
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