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Warframe Glassmaker Fourth crime scene solution

Warframe Glassmaker Fourth crime scene solution

The Warframe Glassmaker Fourth crime scene is live, bringing the new content into a new phase with a brand new puzzle. The new Nightwave series is the fourth in the expansion, and we’re getting close to the end of the current storyline. And just like the previous crime scenes, you need to collect more Cephalite Resonance to complete the Warframe Glassmaker Fourth crime scene.

The new crime scene has a series of five clues that you need to find in the level, then apply to the puzzle in the right order. From the first spawn of the crime scene, you will find a few clues scattered around, look for the highlighted items. Each of these has some kind of clue that feeds into the final puzzle at the end of the map.

For the fourth crime scene, there’s a platforming puzzle involved. Unlocking each platform will require inputting the specific clues that you find in the right order. You can use the guide below to find written and visual examples of each of the five clues. When you get the right clue, you need to hurry and jump to the next platform, because there’s a time limit on this mission.

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The clues are randomly generated in terms of what the word, symbol or number is, and their spawns within the level are also slightly randomized. That means you won’t be able to use the responses from one player to another to finish the Warframe Glassmaker Fourth crime scene.

Step 1

The first clue is the number in the description of the Transmitter Component. Find it nearby to the body and read the description.

Step 2

The second platform should have a series of words, the correct answer is the one from the Standard Data Tablet that is highlighted.

Step 3

The third platform will be a series of portraits, pick the one that matches your Encrypted Data Tablet.

Step 4

The fourth platform will the name from the Worn Data Tablet.

Step 5

The fifth platform will match the color of the Digi-Drive that you will find during the mission.

You need to hurry though, as you have limited time to make it through this puzzle. Each jump needs to be made within the time limit. If you mess up, you need to come back with 10 more Cepehalite Resonance to redo the Warframe Glassmaker Fourth crime scene.

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