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The North Burns Part Six – FCON Departs, TMC Drama


Well, this week has certainly been an interesting one for EVE Online. The war between the Imperium and MoneyBadger Coalition chugs on and shows little signs of ending. A TMC published war update meant to rally the troops was met with predictable scorn and laughs on r/eve, so no surprises there. To be fair, Mittani still toes the mostly irrelevant lines of “CO2 are traitors, super caps saved, we are invincible in LowSec, blah blah”. The entire update offered little more than the same tired propaganda The Mittani has been howling on his podcasts and broadcasts for weeks now. Although, the points about AegisSOV being tilted in the favor of attackers are valid. As even with high ADMs, groups across EVE are having trouble holding on to small pockets of space. That is to say nothing of the Imperium current situation with over-extension in their territory.

It’s clear that what remains of the Imperium has one goal, survival. They’re trying to outlast their opponents with one giant delay doctrine. There are issues with this approach on both sides. For one, Imperium FCs aren’t superhuman, they will get bored of losing much faster than MBC will get bored of winning. Two, the MBC can replace it’s ISK losses easier than the Imperium can. They still have access to taxable resources and space that a LowSec entity under siege does not. The IWISK funding of the war; which is likely to increase given recent attacks on TMC I’ll get into later, will also play a role in who tires first in the war.

Fidelas Constans Flees Imperium

With SMA having fled to Outer Ring, FCON has announced their departure from the Imperium as well. As GSF makes it clear in words and action that their leadership is only interested in self-preservation, FCON has seen the writing on the wall and fled. The approach of the Imperium as a defensive entity in AegisSOV clearly isn’t working well enough, so FCON is attempting to pull out of the fighting to reclaim some of it’s lost industrial and military prowess. If the constant losses of ships and POSes to MBC forces is any indication, they will likely look for a way to insulate themselves from further losses. As for where they can move, NPC Null is looking like a no-go. SMA is already demonstrating that those regions are an ill fit for large NullSec groups with PvE contingents. Seeing that downward trend in members says at least that much.

FCON’s biggest issue of where to move to is that nearly every region in the game makes them easy access for MBC members of some sort. Fountain has TC and FCore, both of which hate Imperium alliances. The Drone regions are currently embroiled in a war between DroneWalkers and DRF. Angels space in regions like Feythabolis has MBC members on both sides of the pipe. Providence is already choked with Reds and PvE activity, so it might be a decent fit given the history of FCON. Who knows where they’ll end up. I do wish the line members the best of luck in finding a home that fits them, whether that is with FCON or not.

Gamers, Gamblers and Fallacies. OH MY!

TMC has once again landed itself in political hot water this week, a piece published by a contributor on the site stirred quite a bit of controversy. To summarize, the piece made some outlandish claims about the legal standing of IWISK, as well as constructed some fallacious legal arguments against the gambling site. Nozygamer did a decent job of fact-checking some of the stupidity, so go check him out as well.

Where this gets really interesting is the response from IWISK owner Eep Eep that was posted on TMC. The response serves as a decent recap for the justification behind IWISK’s involvement in the war so far. Though there is a bit of grandstanding in the post, one particularly salient point in the article is worth highlighting.

“So the lesson that The Imperium is trying to show you here is that if you try to mess with them they will do anything they can to bring you down. Even seeking out-of-game methods to destroy you. Honestly, IWantISK.com is technically an out of game method, but we use in-game methods to engage the enemy. We still have to generate the ISK that is used. It’s not like we print ISK.  We work hard. “

The implication here is that the Imperium will continue to use “out of game methods” to attack their enemies, especially beyond the realm of normal EVE propaganda. the history of certain infamous Imperium/CFC members is well known. And with recent leaks highlighting what seems like desperation of the part of Imperium leadership, it appears that these kinds of behavior might be more common in the future. Although whether the leadership chooses to dig their own graves in this manner remains uncertain. Eep has promised to continue funding the MBC war effort, so it seems likely that this war will continue. Thankfully, the EVE community are a war hungry bunch.

If you’d like to hear how the war is going from the MBC side, I would suggest giving the recent episode of the JeffRaider Show starring several important members of the MBC leadership a listen.

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