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Where to find Cephalite Resonance in Warframe

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The Glassmaker has arrived in Warframe signaling the beginning of Nightwave Season 3. The new story within the free-to-play game revolves around a murder mystery literally turning people to glass. The mystery needs to be solved, which entails finding various clues as to who is undertaking these murders and chasing them down. But because this is Warframe, there’s a grind involved. In this case, you’ll need a bunch of a new resource called  Cephalite Resonance to actually solve the case.

Cephalite Resonance in Warframe can be gained from killing the new enemy type brought into the game. You need to find the Cephalite Resonance to finish investigating the crime scenes. And you can get the new resource by killing these enemies. The trouble is, that these enemies don’t appear to be spawning for some players.

When you kill any enemy marked as a Cephalite, you’re supposed to get one unit of Cephalite Resonance in Warframe from them. You will know the enemy you’re looking for by the giant shards of glass sticking out of them. Once you kill them and collect the Cephalite Resonance, return to the crime scene to advance the gameplay loop.

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The enemies should spawn in any mission, but due to some issues, they don’t appear to be doing that, which kind of makes it hard to actually play the game as designed.

As of now Digital Extremes is aware of the issue, and is working on a patch to deal with it.

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