Mortal Shell Fast Travel Guide

How to change weapons in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell is a very complex game, with tons of different elements moving around. The player will be stealing bodies and using them as tools, and that’s a lot cooler than it sounds. The game has tons of enemies and bosses to fight, and players will have a tough time getting through them all without some planning and skill. Gamers also have to deal with the labyrinthine nature of the world itself. So considering how crazy Fallgrim is to navigate, does the game have fast travel?

To unlock fast travel in Mortal Shell, you must undertake a few different tasks. The first thing you have to do is figure out what you need. As you explore the hub in particular, you may notice something. There are also Sester Genessa statues situated at every dungeon, which makes fast travel very important. You cut down on a lot of nonsense by skipping the travel time, here’s how.

The Tarnished, Ornate Masks

This is the key item you need to get going with Mortal Shell fast travel, and it’s just the first one. You need to get this first to get the system going. The familiarity system also take effect here. The price of the Tarnished Mask will drop as you get more familiar with the relevant items. The Tarnished Mask isn’t all that useful though, as it consumes all of your Glimpses to return you to the last Sester Genessa you visited. It’s OK in an emergency, but there’s a better option.

The Untarnished Mask is a consumable version of the Tarnished Mask. This item doesn’t cost any Glimpses at all, but it deletes itself after use. Pretty good if you can get a good supply of them. There is one even better option though.

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The final mask you need to have to use Mortal Shell fast travel is the Ornate Mask. This is the item that you will have to have to use the function. You also need to have a bunch of other work done before you can even unlock the Ornate variant. The player will need to get a Shell to all of the abilities for that variant, which is pretty expensive. Once that’s done, you can get the Ornate Mask from Sester Genessa for 30 Glimpses.

Once you have it, you can jump between any of the Sester Genessa locations in the game.

It’s going to take a lot of time, and you’re going to be annoyed, but this game ain’t easy. If you’re dealing with constant deaths to a tough boss, being able to fast travel closer can help cut down on annoying walking time. At least you won’t lose out on resources from this run.

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