Where to find Astro Heads in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Where to find Astro Heads in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

With a new crop of in-game challenges and hidden collectibles, Epic has released a ton of new content for players to enjoy in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Within the Sweaty Sands region on the map, you will find one of these challenges. Finding the Astro Heads in Fortnite is one of many new goals in the latest batch of content, here’s where to find them.

Finding the Astro Heads in Fortnite is pretty simple at least, as they’re spread across a few specific areas. Start by heading to the islands and the bay nearby to Sweaty Sands. There are five Astro Heads in Fortnite that you need to jump on top of to complete the challenge in this case. The Heads are all new, and very large, so they’re easily spotted from a long way off. You cannot possibly miss five golden heads.

Keep in mind that they are specifically in the game for the Travis Scott event, so they will only be around for a short time. To speed up finding them, refer to the map below to figure out where to start looking.

The downside to this quest is that the Sweaty Sands will be very busy with players. You can land on the first one by just dropping on it from the Battle Bus, but the other four will take some doing. You will need to bring crafting materials to build your way up to the other four. Players will need to ramp their way on top of the five statues to complete the challenge.

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You just need to jump on top of the Astro Heads and bounce a few times to get completion, do this five times to lock down the challenge.

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