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BNI MilDir Arik Alabel is taking a break

HERO Coalition News

In somewhat unexpected turn of events, BNI MilDir Arik Alabel has announced a departure from his position in BNI.  He will remain with the alliance.

No one can blame him for making this choice.  The recent string of stressful situations for HERO has compounded problems within the organization, and citing serious personal issues, he has decided to step down.

Arik’s statement can be found below.  The new acting Mildir Anna Niedostepny‘s statement  about future plans can be found here. I suspect a serious response will be released soon though.

An announcement
From: Arik Alabel
Sent: 2015.03.31 03:29
To: Brave Collective,

Being a mildir is a lot of work when done right: being present and directing in all time zones, being responsive to all the pings and mails, coordinating with recon, logistics, diplo, and SRP. Working with FC’s daily, bringing on new FC’s, keeping an ear to the ground for line member feedback, and developing doctrine lines. That’s a snapshot, and all this not even mentioning being ultimately responsible for winning strategic fights. It can be a stressful role.

As a result, I need to take a hiatus/take leave from my current role as mildir. Watching as my father fights with his diagnosis of ALS, combined with months of dealing with PL’s bullshit, I have decided can no longer effectively balance real life, eve, and other responsibilities. As a result, I cannot perform to the level required nor enjoy it – this is a decision made on my own and no one has asked me to step aside. Brave is a wonderful place, and I’m not leaving it, simply stepping aside so that FC’s can be directed with continued purpose, providing line members with fun fleets. I may return or we may transition to a new mildir. During this hiatus Anna Niedostepny will be interim mildir.

Anna has been with Brave since Rahadalon, and has served in many of the roles necessary to make a great mildir. He cares a lot about Brave and has proven his dedication in many ways. Anna has been among the small group of people who have regularly provided me with ideas, feedback, and been a sounding board. I am confident this will be a positive thing to help move Brave into “what’s next”. When asked for comment, Anna said this

It has been a fucking pleasure working with you all and being your mildir. Lychton, Liquid, Nancy, Khaldune, and Cagali are top men. Lychton, for all the bullshit he gets from all sides, fights for the right thing for Brave constantly. I believe in the future of Brave, and that this period (what I’m calling the post-catch era) will be really fucking great and exciting. For those of you who don’t care about drama and just enjoy undocking with things to shoot at, you will likely not notice any significant changes, except that I may have time to run fleets.

See you in Sakht,

PS: Donate to a top ranked ALS charity which is dedicated to working to effectively treat/end ALS: Here. And This is the charity ranking giving them a 97% score of using money the right way.

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