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Pokemon Go announce Eevee for August Community Day

Pokemon Go announced Eevee for August 2018 Community Day

Niantic have already announced that a special Shiny Zapdos is incoming, but that’s not the only special event incoming for Pokemon Go. Fans of a particular versatile evolution Pokemon should be excited, because Eevee Community Day is coming next month.

Pokemon GO’s August Community Day event will be a two day spectacular. The events will take place on August 11 and 12, from 2-5pm ET each day. In addition to increased spawn rates for Eevee, Niantic has also confirmed a huge Stardust bonus during the event for all captures.

Here’s a look at the official announcement:

There are some questions remaining though, like that kind of effects will these events have on the CP of both the base Eevees and their evolutions. Will the evolutions be easier to obtain as well? Will there be Shiny spawns? Sadly, nothing further has been released at this time, although Niantic are probably holding back details until just before the event is due to launch.

Whatever these events contain, players are sure to be excited at the prospect of catching Shiny versions of Eevee and its evolutions. And that fact that it’s a short event is sure to lead to increased hype for the mobile AR game. And with the potential for Gen 4 in future versions, fans are going to be really hyped up for the next few months.

Pokemon Go is available now for iOS and Android in multiple regions. And if you’re already playing, be sure to go out and complete some of those Global Research Goals. That way trainers all over the world can enjoy the special Shiny Zapdos raids next weekend.

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