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Here’s the schedule and reveals for EA Play 2019

EA Play at E3 2018

The whole shebang kicks off at 9:30am PDT at the Hollywood Palladium with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order leading the charge. This is probably one of the more intensely popular and anticipated games that EA could reveal. And following that, there will be a rotating roster of new reveals dropping throughout the 3 hours of nonsense and extravaganza. We’re likely to finally see some fleshed-out gameplay as well as a release date and other such details.

Apex Legends, the insanely popular competitive shooter, follows up for the next 30-minute slot. It’s very likely that EA will reveal a bunch of planned new content additions, although noting is confirmed. We could see new maps, characters, weapons and more during this timeframe.

Then Battlefield V comes up. That FPS recently got a new map, and still has one more patch coming with the launch of Chapter 4 of the Tides of War content roadmap. It’s unknown what else could be in store, although the mega-publisher might announce the phase of content for Battlefield V going into 2020.

And then we’re into the franchises that a lot of gamers will tune out for. FIFA and Madden NFL will both get their own slots. This is likely to announced the next iterations of these extremely popular sports titles, and also to gloat about the billions they make from loot boxes in the Ultimate Team modes. Whoopty Do!

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The Sims 4 jumps on to round out the stream, offering a time slot to likely announce yet another expansion pack to the life simulator. It’s hard to guess what else the developers could gamify, as The Sims already simulates birth, death and everything in between. Maybe it’s some new idea that they have no one has thought of yet.

And while some more disgruntled gamers are pretty cynical when it comes to EA and their sports-heavy roster, there’s no doubt that a certain segment of the games industry will enjoy this year’s EA Play events. EA Play begins Saturday, June 8, 2019.

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