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Rainbow Six Siege is getting a bundle of new features and updates

Rainbow Six Siege

There’s a laundry list of new features and adjustments coming to every aspect of Rainbow Six Siege over the next couple of updates.

The first set of changes involves significant layout and balance adjustments to some of the maps for the game, specifically Ubisoft are changing Clubhouse and Hereford to address some pathing and other issues. Another older map, Yacht, is also returning to the Casual game mode.

Hereford is still set in an SAS base, there’s a completely new building with a red-brick look. It appears to be larger than in the original map as well. Clubhouse changes include a building connecting the map’s bedroom to the cash room, more routes down to the arsenal, as well as changes to the pool table and bar.

The next set of changes for Rainbow Six Siege revolve around a new phase in competitive game modes that allow teams to disallow certain Operators before a match starts. This layer of strategy is common to MOBAs like League of Legends, and to see it in Rainbow Six Siege is a welcome change for more serious players.

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In Rainbow Six Siege’s version of this phase, teams will be able to pick and ban two Operators per team for the entire match, which means that certain classes of Operator can be seriously limited, or can be removed from play entirely. This will no doubt cause some serious shifts in the competitive meta-game for the FPS title.

Finally, we’ve got big changes incoming to the various editions of the game. All editions from Starter upward are being adjusted by Ubisoft. The Starter players will now need to spend more Renown to unlock Operators, but it’s being made cheaper to unlock weapons and tools for those Operators. Editions beyond Starter have all 20 initial Operators unlocked by default. All editions will also have all weapon attachments available from the start.

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