Sea of Thieves daily bounties – June 29 to July 5

Sea of Thieves Daily Bounties Guide

Sea of Thieves loves its bounty challenges. The weekly reset is here once again, offering players the chance to earn some extra Gold Doubloons.

Rare has made things much more fun and interesting to take on some skeleton buddies with your living pals. The Sea of Thieves daily bounties each yield some small reward of either Gold or Doubloons. So if you’re saving up for that nice new set of sails, this might be the perfect time to get some extra cash on hand.

If you want more details about these challenges, check the Event Hub on the Sea of Thieves’ official page. Those interested can also find these in the What’s New?” section of the main menu. And if you want to get a headstart on completing all of the Sea of Thieves daily bounties, here they are:

  • June 29: Turn in 3 skulls – Gold
  • June 30: Make a friend using the appropriate emote – Doubloons
  • July 1: Get food poisoning – Gold
  • July 2: Speak to someone in Pirate Chat from another crew on the Ferry of the Damned – Doubloons
  • July 3: Defeat an Ashen Guardian – Gold
  • July 4 to 5: Finish the Seabound Soul or Heart of Fire Tall Tale – Doubloons
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And just like the previous week’s worth of Sea of Thieves daily bounties, we’re getting challenges of varying difficulty. Rare has implemented some new boss fights, some silly stuff like getting food poisoning, and more. Players can take these on solo or as a group, and all involved will earn the completion when they complete each daily task.

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