How to farm gold in Sea of Thieves

How to farm gold in Sea of Thieves

Gold in Sea of Thieves is really important. It’s the primary currency with which you buy things. From weapons to outfits, you need gold to buy them, and you will always need more of it. When you complete missions and faction grinds, there will always be new rewards unlocked, so you will always have something to spend the money on. And the more gold in Sea of Thieves you have, the more blingy sails, clothes and ship accessories you can afford. So if you want to look flashy on the high seas, follow our guide to farm gold in Sea of Thieves.

There are two primary methods for farming for the currency in the game. You will get a small amount at the end of each voyage, but using a few simple tips you can maximize this reward. There are a few different ways to accomplish this, but there is some setup to be done. First, you need to get to emissary rank with one of the five trading companies. Each of the five trading companies represents their own unique faction, with each one offering quests and cosmetic rewards to be had. These missions vary by faction. One of them focuses on PvP, and the other four focus on some aspect of PvE. So if you like taking down skeleton forts or fleets, like the legendary Captain Flameheart’s ghosts ships, the latter factions might be for you.

Head to an island with the faction representatives on it and talk to them. These are the same folks you will come back to for missions and voyages so keep them in mind.

You will need to complete the tasks and voyages for your chosen faction until you reach level 15. After you reach level 15 with your desired faction and want to become their Emissary, you need to purchase their flag. You can buy the flag by speaking to a representative of the company, and push through their dialogue and tasks until you are given the option to buy the flag. An Emissary flag for a faction costs 20,000 gold. Once it’s in your possession, equip it to your ship and get going. For now, just focus on completing voyages, as these give you a fair amount of gold in Sea of Thieves.

From there, completing quests for that faction will earn some bonus reputation and rewards from that faction. You can also earn Gold and Doubloons via the weekly tasks that Rare puts into the game as well.

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The second way to earn the most gold is to run the daily Gold Rush events. These spawn randomly and happen from 6 pm to 7 pm BT and 6 pm to 7 pm PT every day. Each time one spawns, you will get a 1.5x gold and loot multiplier. So all of the items you turn in post-voyage have a 1.5x multiplier attached to their value.

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