How to make Grass Grow in Minecraft

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Minecraft is an incredibly creative little game. You can do pretty much anything you want, as long as you have the ambition. You could build giant towers and become the greatest wizard in all the land. You could also adventure out into the world and find hidden treasure. If you’re more simple-minded, you could just start a huge farm.

But to get these ambitions off the ground, you need resources. To get those things, like food and armor, you need to put in work. The game offers many different jobs you can perform to do things like growing food. Under normal rules, you would use Bone Meal. You can make this from bones by just using the crafting grid. This will mean you need a steady supply of bones. Skeletons are a great source of these. Many players who need lots of white dye and bonemeal will likely make a mob grinder. The downside is that you need tons of them, and it’s very time-consuming.

There is a much better way, and that involves Compost. Compost is a relatively new addition to Minecraft from a recent patch. This new object can be used to get your hands on a growth-boosting addition to your soil. It’s great for farmers and other folks who need to make the grass grow.

To make a Composter, get some Wooden Slabs. You need 7 Wooden Slabs, and place them in a crafting bench in a U-shape. That means putting slabs in every slot, except the top-middle and middle box. EAch Composter uses 7 slabs each, so make more than one to speed up compost production. Now it’s time to load up the Composter.

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Put any kind of vegetables, flowers, seeds and more into it. It doesn’t really matter what, you just need a steady supply of plant matter. After a short time, you will get Compost that can be used like Bone Meal. So really all you need is some grass clippings and wood and you can start your own farm in Minecraft.

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