How to Repair and Upgrade Modular Vehicles in Rust

Complete Guide to Modular Vehicles in Rust

Modular Vehicles in Rust are one of the best ways to move around in the game. The competitive survival game has a lot of moving parts, and it’s pretty fun to figure out how everything works. The more you need to travel around the game world, the more need you might feel to get into Modular Vehicles in Rust. These are a DIY solution to the problem of long-distance travel and they’re really cool.

But before you can just jump into one, you need to build it and keep it running. This is a very resource-intensive effort, so it’s meant for more late-game players. You will need steady sources of Scrap, as well as specialty parts from gas stations and garages, and that’s just for maintenance. Because once you have built the car, you need to keep it running. The better quality of parts you use though, the longer a modular vehicle will last, so keep that in mind.

How to repair modular vehicles in Rust

Just like anything else in the game, you need to put time into building and maintaining vehicles in Rust. If you’re looking to get into these things, you need to gather some components. Here are the tools and items you need to gather to craft Modular Vehicles in Rust:

  • 1 carburetor
  • 2 pistons
  • 1 crankshaft
  • 2 spark plugs
  • 2 valves

These won’t be too hard to get for most hardcore players. You can find plenty of low-quality parts inside tool chests in gas stations, supermarkets, or other locations. If you don’t want to go hunting, you can craft the components. You need a level 2 workbench for starters, and each component will be available to craft for five high-quality metals. Go around and start gathering and be sure to stockpile what you can.

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When you’re actually ready to work on the car, you need one special tool. You need a car lift to work on certain parts of the car. You don’t need any special infrastructure to fix the engine, just use the crafting hammer on it. You will need to use that Level 2 Workbench to make some specialty tools like the lift To actually work on the vehicles though you need to gather some materials. Air Wolf will sell you a pre-built one for 175 scrap, so that is an option.

The car lift must be placed in 6×3 area and connected to power before it will work. Here are the materials you need to gather to build the thing:

  • 10 high-quality metals
  • 3 gears
  • 1,000 metal fragments
  • 125 scrap
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