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Pre-Fozziesov Recap – July 12 2015


With the new sovereignty system less than 36 hours away, a lot of new developments have come to fruition and the potential nullsec political landscape changes are starting to take shape. This post will be my attempt at a general recap of some of the noteworthy events in the last week.

ProGodLegend Departs Nulli Secunda

Longtime FC and leader of Nulli PGL recently announced his intent to leave the alliance for greener pastures unknown. The alliance has been the victim of substantial internal turmoil over the last few weeks, and those events seem to be coming to a head with his leaving. Reactions internally and externally seem mixed. It would seem that the conclusion of the fighting in the Drone regions has pushed Nulli into a potential new era, and PGL doesn’t want to be a part of it.

His announcement can be seen below:

So the time has come for me to do something I’ve been contemplating and waffling back and forth on for a long time. I’ve always been on the other side of this conversation for years, and all I ever asked during those was for the person to be honest with me, so it’s only fair that I be completely honest now. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not quitting EVE, nor do I want to quit EVE, nor do I not have enough time to play. Any of you who have me as a friend on Steam or have played World of Warships in the past week know that I am still spending plenty of my waking hours playing video games. However, today is July 10th, and I can count the number of times I have commanded a fleet for Nulli this year using just my own two hands. If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, my heart is just not in it anymore, and hasn’t been for probably over a year now. Being a part of alliance leadership and helping to run this alliance takes a time and effort commitment that I just am not capable of giving these days, yet I am also incapable of sitting on the sidelines and being an auxiliary player. This catch-22 has caused me to simply check out mentally, which is why for a full year this alliance has run itself almost entirely without my involvement.

Building Nulli from scratch for the past five years has been an experience that I will never forget. I’ve played video games since I was 4 years old as an escape from boredom. But the past five years have been more than just a form of mindless entertainment, and I can truly say that being a part of leading this alliance has been the most cherished hobby of my very short lifetime. Although I am often the one to remind you all that this is a video game not to be taken so seriously, I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that my experiences of playing EVE with you guys has been a somewhat significant part of my maturation as an adult. There are real life skills that I partially owe to my time learning how to build a successful alliance (for example, I used to be the shittiest public speaker, like “boom goes the dynamite” bad). Yet one thing I’ve always had trouble with in life is knowing when to walk away from something or someone. I’ve never been good at quitting, I’ve always had trouble saying no to friends, even ending relationships is something I avoid doing if I can stomach it. Loyalty is something I value over almost everything else (just check my corp history), but building this alliance has always been a source of new knowledge and skills, so hopefully with this decision Nulli has one last life lesson to give me.

To everyone who has been a part of this alliance, you know I appreciate everything yall have done for me. I won’t name anybody because I know I’ll leave someone out, but there a lot of special people here who have made this all possible, and for that I thank you. For those of you worried that me leaving will have some kind of effect on Nulli, don’t be. I was less active than Canaris up until very recently, this alliance has mostly run without me for the past year now, and I’m quite confident that Nituspar is already a better fleet commander than I am in a lot of ways. This alliance will be as successful as you guys want it to be, I just simply do not have the desire to put in that kind of effort anymore.

As for me, I’m graduating college very soon and starting a regular nine to five, so I’ve been preparing to transition to a more casual gaming style for a while now. You’ll see me out there small gang roaming probably, but regardless of what I end up doing long term, you can always count on me to be a friend of Nulli.

Good luck all, and thanks for many great memories.

Peace in the Drone Regions

After Triumvirate negotiated a peace in their war with xXDEATHXx, they brought longtime enemies in the form of SOLAR to the negotiating table. The final result of these talks has been a mutual defense agreement that saw the region of Outer Passage being ceded to SOLAR FLEET, along with one of their longtime leaders Mactep (Master) stepping down.

Delve warzone heats up as Fountain cools

After HERO announced it’s dissolution and BRAVE’s return to lowsec, it left Black Legion. with temporary control over the region uncontested. The remaining alliances of Explicit and NAGA have announced their intent to vacate Fountain for Delve, while joining the Elite Space Coalition. They have since been given SOV in the area. Skirmishing in Delve between ESC and GG has been sporadic but intense, with third parties often engaging. The system of FWST-8 saw a recent flareup between ESC and various forces resulting in the use of capitals over a POS. Pandemic Legion were able to ultimately claim the moon.

And finally we conclude this recap with a video from the excellent Hendrick Tallardar. Wherein he recaps some other events in New Eden over the last week. Including patch changes, new modules, and CSM drama.

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