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Vehicle building adventure Trailmakers hits Early Access

lashbulb Games, which includes veterans from Press Play, Rare, Square Enix, and CCP, have now launched their first game into Early Access called Trailmakers.

This is a vehicle building adventure game with multiple game modes. The Creative Mode lets players experiment with vehicles designs using unlimited resources. The Expedition Mode is where the challenge lies in using your vehicular design skills to trek from one side of a massive island to the other.

Trailmakers will put your Makano-honed skills to the test as you build terrestrial, aerial and naval vehicles to complete the various challenges in the game. Judging from the trailer, Newtonian physics will be both your savior and bane as you attempt to construct increasingly insane variants of a nuclear-powered hovercraft. There are definite shades of Besieged and Kerbal Space Program at play here.

Trailmakers emphasizes fun first over everything else,” said Mikkel Thorsted, creative director, Flashbulb Games. “We want everyone to feel as free as their untamed imaginations allow, and we can’t wait to see the vehicles our players will dream up throughout Early Access.”

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The game can be checked out on Steam now.

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