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Dragon Quest Builders 2 gets a Steam demo

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC Port

Square Enix has just announced more details about Steam demo for their upcoming release, Dragon Quest Builders 2. The game has a full demo out now. The demo will focus on the tutorial area, and give players a chance to learn the ropes. Should be fun for both new and returning players. Saves will carry into the full version of the game too, so you don’t have to worry about losing progress. So try the demo at your leisure, if you liked the first game, you’re sure to like this one. The game world has been expanded, and now includes multiple islands with their own biomes. These locations each hold their own difficult enemies and other challenges to overcome, so those looking for adventure should be pleased.

The 50-hour campaign also wraps in some of the story elements from the first game, upping the stakes a bit. And Square Enix even polished the graphical side of things a bit. The biggest change though is the expansion of the multiplayer options. You and three other friends can take on all the game has to offer. The game launches on December 10th, so you’ve got a bit of time to get some pals together.

Check out a new trailer for the PC version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 down below.

Square Enix also took the chance to announce some other elements too. In this case, fans got to know what the pre-order bonuses would be for Dragon Quest Builders 2. Being that the game is a heavy fusion of adventure-builder games like Minecraft  and the RPG elements of Dragon Quest, there’s actually a surprising amount of depth here for the sequel. To expand on that depth the developers will also release a fair bit of DLC for the game. The DLC they have planned will include more than 100 new recipes for different items. Like the “Hotto Stuff Pack,” which comes with some recipes based on the Hotto Steppe. Another is the the “Aquarium Pack,” where you can build an aquarium.

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Here’s what’s included for pre-order bonuses:

  • Medicinal Herb Decoration: a recipe for a decorative Medicinal Herb
  • Dragon Quest Logo Decoration: a recipe for the famous Dragon Quest logo.
  • Chimaera Wing Decoration: a recipe for an ornamental Chimaera Wing
  • Sigil Blocks: five recipes for blocks which have either a Sun, Moon, Star, Water drop or Heart symbol
  • Lo-Res Luminary Recipes: a set of recipes for building the Scions of Erdrick
  • Legendary Line Art Recipe: a recipe for a painting of the Scions of Erdrick

So if all of that sounds amazing to you, head over and grab it now. You can pre-purchase the game and download the demo on Steam.

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