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The Badass Hero releases new gameplay trailer

The Badass Hero Gameplay Trailer

Sony released a new trailer for the upcoming action-platformer, The Badass Hero, this week. The trailer showcases a game that’s all about playing like a badass, as one would expect. The themes of the game have a definite comic book feel, with all the over-the-top and grim action, it feels like 1990s time capsule in video game form.

Developed by the aptly named Awesome Games Studio, The Badass Hero is a 2D sidescrolling platformer/shooter that takes place literally in a comic book universe. As the hero in different comic book levels, you’ll make your way through the Aztec jungle, kill some Nazis, save the world from an alien invasion, and collect ink to become even more powerful. With forty bosses and randomly generated levels, there’s a lot to enjoy here in terms of replayability. The devs also plan to add much more content in the time leading up to release.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

The Badass Hero is a rogue-lite action-platformer. Step into the shoes of a once-great hero and restore order to the comic book multiverse… or die trying! Rewrite your story, kick some serious butt, and unleash comic book carnage! No checkpoints included.

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The game is available now via Steam Early Access, and is coming soon to PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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