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Dragon Quest Builders 2 shows off multiplayer goodness in new trailer

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4 Gameplay

Dragon Quest Builders 2, the sequel to the original JRPG spin-off, is coming out soon. It comes out next week in fact, and the developers want to hype their game up a bit.

The focus in this new trailer is all about the cooperative mulitplayer. Three friends can join your game for some building and battling action during any point in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Omega Force and Square Enix have been working hard to improve the experience across the board in this new sequel, and an array of changes and new additions may make this the best combination of building, RPG mechanics and multiplayer goofing off there is.

And alongside this multiplayer mode, there is of course a robust campaign. This mode will feature new characters, an expansive world, unlimited building combinations, and a massive storyline players are sure to enjoy. And lucky for those gamers who missed the first game, you won’t be missing out on much as the sequel will fill in all the details, that way you can get right to having fun.

But just for fun, here’s a quick refresher. The evil Children of Hargon have invaded the land and are attempting to destroy everything good in the world of the game. Part of this involves locking up all of the builders and cooks of the world. To fight back against this dark tide, you must embark on a grand adventure to gather the skills required to become a full-fledged builder and fight them back.

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Check out the aforementioned trailer down below.

The new spinoff is due to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch next week, on July 12th.

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