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Exit the Gungeon jumping consoles and PC this spring

Exit the Gungeon

Indie wonder Dodge Roll Games made a major splash with their freshman release, Enter the Gungeon, bringing bullet hell shooters into a new generation. The fast-paced and chaotic gameplay presented plenty of challenge. Although it was the incredibly stylish presentation that cemented the indie shooter as a hit. Now, with their latest release Exit the Gungeon, the team is looking to build on that early success.

The game has been exclusive to the Apple Arcade service for some time, but that’s about the change. The developer is taking time to slam a new magazine into place, in a manner of speaking. Before the next game debuts on consoles and PC, Dodge Roll wants to polish and optimize it a bit. According to a new post on the Twitter for the company, that’s going to take a bit.

In that same post, which can be seen below, the developer confirmed that the fast-paced shoot-em-up will arrive on PC and consoles “early this year.” The developer also announced a new milestone for their first game recently saying, “Enter the Gungeon has surpassed three million copies sold and we’re so thankful for the community’s support!”

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No firm release date has been given yet, but most sources seem to think it could be as soon as February. As for platforms, it’s safe to assume that this game will follow the path of the previous outing. That means gamers can expect Exit the Gungeon to land on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PC. The game is out now on the Apple Arcade for iOS devices. If you want to see more of it in action, check out the trailer below.

But this new port isn’t the only thing Dodge Roll is cooking up. House of the Gundead is set to debut sometime this year in arcades in select markets. And yes, that’s a chaotic fusion of House of the Dead and a modern shooter. Come on cheesy light gun game, come on cheesy light gun game.

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