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Borderlands 3 Mini-Events Launch for Arms Race

Borderlands 3 Mini-Events Launch for Arms Race

Borderlands 3 Mini-Events are live again, finally. Gearbox has had a whale of a time getting folks to come back to the game. The most recent attempt was Arms Race mode. And unfortunately, the mode is kind of a dud. There’s a lot of problems, and we’ll talk about that below, but that’s not the focus of this post. To go along with the mode the developers have added in three events that will run inside Arms Race for the next month. Here’s what we know so far.

What happened with Arms Race?

The new mode in Borderlands 3 was an attempt by Gearbox to add more variety to the multiplayer setting. Some even went so far as to bill at as Borderlands 3 combined with a Battle Royale. It really isn’t that though. The number of problems with the mode are many, and most of them revolve around variety and long-term viability. There’s only one map, and despite many fans taking a few weeks to try it out, it hasn’t had the lasting impact one would expect from such a mode. And with lacking map variety and no real flow to the map outside of set drop-in points, there’ little keeping players coming back. Now, Gearbox may want to turn things around with Borderlands 3 Mini-Events.

Gearbox was holding in-game events left and right for Borderlands 3 around launch, but has backed off that for a while. These new events change that. So let’s talk about what these new Borderlands 3 Mini-Events actually are.

There are three new events in the bundle trying to bring people back into the fold,


Event duration: 9 AM PT January 21 to 8:59 AM PT January 28

Clear Skies, is simple, it alters the drop rate for some loot inside the Murdercane circle. As that circle shrinks, loot drops will get better as well.


Event duration: 9 AM PT January 28 to 8:59 AM PT February 4

Players can compete in this mode for more gear, including some brand new weapons and other stuff. Those taking part will also experience greatly increased chance to drop DAHL chests, which means even more loot. All the loot boxes have a chance to hand out Arms Race exclusives as well. During the duration of the event, you also get two more gear slots to use.


Event duration: 9 AM PT February 4 to 8:59 AM PT February 11

During the Gear Rush mini-event, the frequency of Rare Chests is amped up. Along with that, a minor reshuffle of Stormblind Complex POIs is also thrown into the mix. And those POIs contain more DAHL chests as well, resulting in even more loot to grab. The downside is that the Murdercane is more aggressive and closes in faster, shortening time to explore.

Source: Gearbox

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