Null Sec Alliance Drama

SOV shakeups, alliance leaks, and speculation. . .OH MY!

The past few weeks have been awash with speculation, alliance shuffles, conflict, and panic within the EVE community.  The announced SOV changes make up most of the discussion, with a lot of groups speculating about what will happen to the large coalitions that control most of null sec.

Voting for CSM X

is finishing and it will soon be revealed who the new delegates for the player council are.  There where a lot of strong candidates this year.  The 75 candidates covered all manner of platforms, and there where more than a few who are clear favorites.  The EVE community awaits with baited breath to see what the CSM will do to accomplish their goals and help the players voice their concerns.

Absolution transfer rental empire to xXDEATHXx, retreats to Venal.

Absolution Alliance, who used to stage out of EX-GBT in Etherium Reach, have decided to give up on holding SOV to live in NPC Venal and will be giving all of their current SOV to fellow member of GemCo, Legion of xXDEATHXx.

PFV-ZH has already been transferred along with around 80 other systems in the Perrigen Falls region and soon the entirety of their holdings within the Etherium Reach region will follow.  This has caused some players to speculate how other large groups will shuffle around ahead of the June release.

To that end a lot of people are focusing on how the Meow coalition and their various frenemies are currently doing.  Insmother and the surrounding regions have been relatively quiet.  With only a few SOV transfers having taken place in the last few weeks.  SOLAR FLEET is continuing it’s attempts to take and hold SOV in the Cache region.  But GemCo is standing strong and the gains SOLAR and their allies have made were quickly taken back.

Confederation of xXPIZZAXx loses 8 corporations in one week. 


Since the 4th March 2015 xXPIZZAXx has lost around 200 member over 8 corporations who have left their alliance. The biggest of these was Beach Boys with 117 members, as yet they have not joined another alliance, unlike Yarrdy YaRr YARRR who moved from xXPIZZAXx to Triumvirate. on the 13th February 2015, starting the trend of corporations leaving.

Skeleton Crew SOTA leaked, details plans of new deployment, suspicious of the future of N3


1: Introduction of Alliance Management

2: Removal of Steel City

3: Limit the amount of trolling

4: Internal communication will be improved

5: Fleet rules will be stricter in the future, no talking or kick from fleet

6: Deployment to Delve to fight BL and Pizza together with Kadeshi and DARKNESS in 2 weeks

7: Prepare your subcaps and make some isk!

8: Doctrine will be: Tengu’s, Moa’s Confessor’s, Svipul’s and armor Machariel’s

9: We will fly with people who respect us

10: Time for Steel City to do what we want to do

11: N3 Will likely not survive next patch

12: Skeleton Crew is looking around for options

13: Rat in C-Pew pocket and you can rat in Delve

15: Keep up the good work! TZ’s are good and the aim is to have 150 man fleets

16: SRP rules

17: Welcome to our new members

State of SOV, my humble point of view.

Honestly, I think it’s rather telling that after the Phoebe jump nerf, PL sold of it’s SOV and went to being a roaming PVP entity.  Which as of right now, means forcing HERO into fights.  Now with these new changes a lot of groups feel the trend in null will shift to a much more mobile small scale lifestyle.  Which as a matter of full disclosure, I am a member of BNI.  I’m seeing first hand the effects stagnation is having on the line members living in null, and their opinions of the changes.  And it’s not all that surprising.  Newer players feel ineffective, and some are burning out from feeling stuck.  And the older players are excited about something new in null.

There is something very wrong with null sec, but if you ask 5 people, you get 6 answers about what it is.  It’s very telling that some very strong groups have given up on SOV altogether.  It seems to me that a lot of players just don’t see a reason to live in null.

There are a lot of things to tweak in null, and a lot of good ideas are being tossed around.  The fact of the matter is that the changes that have been tossed around so far are not final.  There’s little to do other than hope CCP doesn’t screw up too badly.

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