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Monster Hunter Rise 3.0, here’s what’s in the title update

Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 is almost here. The title update to the hit Switch game lands at the end of May, and brings with it a slew of new content and changes. Being the second major post-launch set of updates, this title update has more of the same from the massive 2.0 patch. A lot of the existing content is getting expanded, mostly themed around new hunts. Here’s what

Hub quests and Rampage quests will both be updated with new monsters. Monster Hunter Rise will finally get an ending to its cliffhanger story with update 3.0 as well, according to Capcom. These new story elements and a new batch of hunts should help extend the life of the Switch game. And it seems as though Capcom learned some great lessons from World.

Thunder Serpent Narwa will be joined by Wind Serpent Ibushi to round out the campaign in one final test.

The flagship monsters is Crimson Glow Valstrax, a new variant of the flagship monster from Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate. This terrifying beast offers a ton of power behind its bloody frame, you better come prepared for a major fight. Apex Zinogre will also be added to Rampage missions, layering in another challenge for fans to tackle.

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And with all of these new monsters to hunt, players will also have new layered and regular armor sets to craft. Capcom hasn’t shared all the details yet, but expect these to be the new goto set for high-end hunters.

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 will release on May 27, and will be a free update to anyone who owns the Switch game.

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