Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion ‘Comrades’ launches on Halloween

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the multiplayer expansion for the latest Final Fantasy launches this Halloween–October 31, 2017. It’s free for those holding the season pass, but will require PSN Plus or Xbox Live to play.

This is the first instance of a non-MMO mainline Final Fantasy title getting multiplayer support. I wonder if they aren’t testing the waters for a fully co-operative Final Fantasy XVI like Fable 2.



The new trailer for Comrades is above, but be warned: many are saying it’s full of major spoilers for Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix is also working on putting the fully-featured XV on Nintendo’s latest console, but they ran into problems getting the proprietary Luminous Engine to run. The solution? It could be Unreal. Speaking to Eurogamer, director Hajime Tabata noted that they’re in talks with Epic to see “what [they] could possibly do there,” in terms of using the engine or possibly even partnering up on development of the port.

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And with the new “Comrades” multiplayer extending the life of Final Fantasy XV, there’s not any huge rush to create a Switch port just yet.

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