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Bungie adjusting Destiny 2 perks after player feedback

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A new update in a blog post from Bungie suggests that changes are coming in force. A bunch of Destiny 2 perks are about to be adjusted, for one thing. The developer is also planning other changes as well. The big focus is on two perks that players would like to see get more use. The changes are coming that should help players satisfy their bloody urges. Bungie has heard player calls about build and perk stagnation, so they’ve chosen to address a couple of these options. The perks in question are Celerity and Bottomless Grief.

Weapons Feature Lead Chris Proctor detailed some of the changes planned for these Destiny 2 perks. Celerity and Bottomless Grief in particular as getting some adjustments. Players complained that these perks could have more utilization. Bungie has also addressed adding them as intrinsic bonuses to Adept weapons. More about that aspect below.

Bottomless Grief is getting that +30 to the Magazine stat, and then Celerity will get +20 to Reload and Handling. Now both weapons will get more buffs, more often. These perks will apply their buffs while fireteam members are still in the fight. Normally, both buffs apply more conditionally, restricting their use.

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The planned overhaul to these perks are joined by other changes too. Proctor also discussed the player’s demands to have more weapons with these perks applied. As for adding them to new weapons, there’s a problem. Bungie doesn’t want to hamper existing builds with more perks, so the idea of having even more perks applied to weapons has both balance and performance impact, Bungie wants to minimize that. As a result, the perks will not be added as intrinsics.

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Other changes planned include the reintroduction of ADA-1  and a revamp to the Gunsmith. The Gunsmith will work somewhat like Xur, in that they will begin selling six randomly rolled weapons per week in Seasons to come. The inclusion of new loot rolls should give players new options to tackle.

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