How To Unlock Elite Heroic Hives In Marvel’s Avengers

Is there local multiplayer in Marvel's Avengers?

Elite Heroic Hives are some of the toughest missions in the entire experience of Marvel’s Avengers. The player not only has to deal with some of the most difficult fights against tons of enemies, but there’s also a slog to even unlock them.

There are two types of Hive missions. The basic ones are unlocked after beating the main campaign. You unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions in the Marvel’s Avengers game by completing The Last Avenger Standing quest chain. Once you’ve done that. you’re ready to take on the toughest missions in the entire game. There are nine different steps in the quest chain you need to complete, check them by going into the Mission screen.  Follow the Avengers Initiative Mission Chain until Step 9 to unlock Elite Heroic Hives.

Each one of these steps involves fulfilling separate objectives, so be prepared for some work. And it’s that ninth step that’s a real nightmare. You have to complete every HARM Room mission in the game for it to unlock, which means you’re putting time into both singleplayer and multiplayer. That also means you need to complete both the Character arcs and all of the faction mission chains.

If this isn’t challenging enough for you, there are some other options coming. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have said that they are bringing more content to the game. There will be more heroes and DLC to the hero brawler to extend its life. Being a game following the GaaS model, expect years of support, at least according to statements from the publisher.

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So what kind of DLC should you expect? Right now it has been confirmed that new missions and heroes are coming. Each hero will also have their own Challenge Card. There are six heroes in the game now, and there are a few names in the Marvel fandom that fans hope to see soon. Leaked elements have suggested that She-Hulk and Black Panther are coming soon.

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