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Shadow of War Mystic Tribe trailer released


One of the most appealing aspects of Shadow of War is the Nemesis System, which takes the well-received feature of the first game and completely expands upon it to take the gameplay in new and interesting places. One of the major changes this time around is the introduction of different Orc Tribes.Think of each of these tribes as specialized classes of Orcs with different special abilities. The tribe and Orc is a member of will also have an impact on its personality and its potential story impact, thanks to the expanded Nemesis System.

There are multiple tribes, and the newest one we’ve been introduced to is the necromancer tribe known as the Mystics. Unlike the Machine Tribe that relies on crude machines, or the bloodthirsty rogues of the Dark Tribe, the Mystics rely on dark magic to destroy their enemies. Though they may be primarily spellcasters, the new Middle-earth Shadow of War footage shows off that these orcs are capable in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing curses, sacrificial rituals, and other sorts of witchcraft to gain supremacy over others.

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The big challenge when taking on this tribe is their ability to raise and manipulate the dead. The trailer clearly shows dead Orcs reanimating with distinctive green eyes. So expect to be fighting hordes of necrotic Orcs if you make these folks angry.

With an expected nine tribes in total, players will certainly have a much greater variety of orcs to dominate and utilize in the new online conquest mode or during the single-player campaign as well.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases on October 10, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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