How to get cured of a disease by a witch doctor in DogLife – Witchcraft achievement

How to get cured of a disease by a witch doctor in DogLife – Witchcraft achievement

DogLife is a very new game, brought to you by the same time behind BitLife. Instead of simulating the whole life of one person, and all their relationships, you’re a pet. Specifically, you get to become a dog and live out the life of a canine or a cat in the country of your choosing. Yes, despite the name, you can also be a cat.

But being a pet isn’t always fun and tricks. Sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes you get sick. There are a handful of diseases your animal character can encounter in DogLife.

If you get sick in DogLife, you need to get treated. Dogs and cats are a lot more suceptible to common ailments than humans, and the game models that as a pretty unforgiving trend. Sometimes, you can be taken down by the most mundane of diseases. Since there are so many paths your new life as a animal can take, your options won’t always be the same.

There are many medical treatments available to pets with helpful owners, but there are some less-than-healthy options too. To get the Witchcraft achievement in the game, you need to actually get cured by a witch doctor, yes, really. Here’s what you need to know about getting cured of a disease by a witch doctor in DogLife.

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To get the Witchcraft achievement, you need to go into the right circumstances. If you’re stuck in a shelter waiting to be adopted, you need to rely on the Witch Doctor to get cured. Just like in BitLife, you will get a notification if you get sick. To seek treatment, go to the Activities tab and scroll down to see the Witch Doctor option.

This is much less reliable than a normal vet, so your chances of getting cured are lower. You basically have to keep rolling the dice to get the Witchcraft achievement in DogLife. The game shows a random prompt for your “treatment” when you go to the Witch Doctor, expect the unexpected, and hope for the best. Sometimes, these cures do legitimately help you, and that’s when you get the achievement.

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