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CCP announces progress in fight against bots and hacking, fills hole left by CCP Seagull

EVE Online News July 2018

Earlier this year, Andy Nordgren AKA CCP Seagull, left the company after nearly a decade to focus on her family. At the time, a lot of EVE Online players were left saddened by the loss of yet another friendly face at the Icelandic company behind the game we all love, especially since the company went through a major downsizing and restructure a few months earlier. It seems CCP has finally found someone who they feel is a good fit to fill the role left open by her departure.

Sveinbjörn Magnússon (CCP Mannbjörn, according to reports) who was a senior producer will take the executive producer role left open by the departure. In other promotional news, Bergur Finnbogason (reported to be CCP Burger) has been promoted from development manager to creative director. Best of luck and o7 to these fellow capsuleers in their new jobs.

In other EVE Online news, CCP released a security devblog on the 18th reporting on efforts to fight botters and RMTers. Recent figures include:

  • 8771 account bans for RMT related activities since February
  • 4250 account bans for botting related activities since February
  • 5377 account bans for account hacking since February

In addition, efforts are underway to strengthen player account security by flagging poor passwords and encouraging uptake in two-factor authentication.It’s good to see CCP making good on promises to continue cracking down on illicit activity in the best space MMO on the market, I just hope their efforts curb the impact of this negative aspect of the game well into the future.

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As some of you may remember, CCP recently reinvented the referral program for EVE Online. Due to the massive change, we were forced to temporarily halt our referral program until a new iteration could be put into place. Well I’m happy to announce that the return of bonus ISK for EVE players is fast approaching.

ISKMogul will be relaunching our referral program at the end of July 2018 with a few changes.

Most importantly, ISK rewards will be brought inline with the new value of the PLEX/Extractors we receive as rewards, so the ISK value is reduced per person. But we’ll be keeping the referral program to enhance them.

We’re also expanding the program to include those who pay via PLEX. The reward is much smaller than paying via cash, but it’s still something to help out fellow capsuleers.

If you would like to learn more about the new EVE Online Referral program, CCP has a helpful new video discussing just that, check it out below.

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