How to get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise

How to fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise

The newest Switch hit, Monster Hunter Rise, has a ton of crafting recipes to work on. Much the same as the rest of the franchise, there are armor and weapons to craft and use; the game also throws various resources and usable items at you to make too. Here’s what you need to do to get one of the more hard-to-find items, SInister Cloth. Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise is used in a handful of different armor pieces so you need a lot of it.

Just like in World, you need to make use of automated expeditions. This time, we’re working with the Meowcenaries in Kamura village. You need to head into the Buddy Plaza and speak to Feyline to hire these Palico adventurers. And just like the last game with spending points from endemic life and hunts, Kamura Points fulfill the same goal. You send the Meowcenaries by paying them an allotment of Kamura Points, and then after a short time, they bring back some loot.

Before you get started, head over to Iori at Buddy Plaza to check out the Meowcenaries that are up for hire. Pick the best ones you can afford, this will speed up the farming process. Once you have that done, head back over to Feyline to check the farming locations you’re going to use.

You will see a variety of routes for each of the main areas in the game. The preferred route for Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise is one that has at least one shining node on it. This means that the route has a boosted chance to give you rare drops, making your points spend more worthwhile. This is because the Cloth is not a guaranteed drop. It’s quite rare in fact, so you may have to put out multiple expeditions before you get any of these.

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You can get the Sinister Cloth from any region it seems. Look for a region marked with the blue sparkles, that’s a region with a boosted spawn rate for certain items. When examing these regions. look for the routes that have a purple marker on the resource node. It’s kind of a small marker, but check in the upper left of the resource picture and you’ll see the marker. When you see that pair, that route has the best chance for rare drops.

Assuming you have a solid team of Palicos built up, you can choose to send them out to farm for resources. When you do this, you need to play through a couple of hunts to get them to return. After a few hunts, check in with the rewards to see what you got. There’s a very small chance to actually get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise, so keep at it. Eventually, you will get the item that you want. A consolation is that you also get other drops aside from this very rare one, so that’s nice.

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