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Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins Teased by Blizzard

Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins Revealed by Blizzard

Overwatch is kicking off it’s own event for the Lunar New Year, marking a return to a fun and iconic in-game seasonal occasion. And once again, there’s a ton of new cosmetic items for players to earn.

We’ve included the full rundown of various skins for characters in the shooter down below. Each of these new skins evokes iconic characters of Chinese myth as well as different forms of imagery from within the mythos. It’s all pretty cool. The Year of the Pig is getting off to a good start for Blizzard.

The Year of the Pig in-game event runs for roughly three weeks, ending on February 18, and brings in a bunch of new content for Overwatch players to enjoy. New skins are being debuted daily throughout the course of the event as well. We’ve included some of Legendaries down below.

First up for skins is the great Lu Bu Reaper:

Then there is this glorious Hanzo skin styled after another legendary figure, this time it’s Huang Zhong:

Even the ever-popular tough guy Reinhardt is getting in on the fun. He’s getting a skin made to look like Guan Yu:

But not content to stand on the sidelines, Torbjorn gets a look after Zhang Fei:

Zenyatta’s normal form is also getting a really cool upgrade. Zhuge Liang Zhenyatta has a really subdued look that is actually really cool. The simple design is just amazing:

And last but not least, we’re getting a new Tracer for this event as well:

In addition to the new Legendary skins, there also a new patch dropping with the event that changes various things in-game. Overwatch’s Lunar New Year will bring along new skins, sprays, cosmetics and apparently, a brand new patch in time for the competitive season. The newest patch mostly focuses on nerfing a few OP heroes, like D.Va and Brigitte, and there was also a buff to Reaper.

Damage reduction for armor has been reduced from -5 to -3 and the cooldown for D.Va’s Defense Matrix has been increased from one to two seconds. Brigitte’s Rally has been capped at 30 seconds, and Reaper’s lifesteal has been increased from 30 percent to 50 percent of damage he deals overall.

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