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Black Desert Online Gets “Savage Rift” Horde Mode Tomorrow.

Black Desert Online

Today Kakao Games announced with a press release that the new “Savage Rift” feature will be added to the North American and European servers of Black Desert Online tomorrow, August 30th. The new mode centers around defending a sealed tower from increasingly difficult enemies that attack in waves.

Players will need to fend off dangerous hordes of monsters and work together to survive the 25 waves, which will gradually become more brutal. Groups from 8 to 10 people are needed to begin and combatants must be level 56 or higher. Defeating waves of enemies will grant players points that they can then spend to gain access to more powerful weapons. These points can also be transferred to other party members if need be, that way teams can maximize strategic deployment of these heavy assets. Using these new weapons will grant players bonuses that should increase their odds of success, sort of like a snowball effect of mayhem and bloodshed.

The final challenge after defeating all the other waves will be against a powerful field boss, those robust enough to defeat them will be rewarded valuable loot, including boss armor. Check out the trailer below:

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