How to quickly farm leather scraps in Valheim

How to Tame and Breed Boars in Valheim

As you can probably imagine, Valheim is a very complex crafting title. There’s so much to do that it gets hard to figure things out. This game hides a lot of depth behind the beginning of the adventure. You will need a variety of basic resources to craft a bunch of stuff. One of these items is leather scraps. Here’s how to get them.

To get plenty of these leather scraps in Valheim, you need to tame boars. This process is pretty simple once you understand it. The basic idea is to gather some fruit and veggies to lure a boar back to your homestead. You need to lure the boars back and pen them in first. You can find wild boars out in the various Meadow biomes. Go out with some food and get some boars to farm them.

Of course, that entails getting a pen setup, and a garden for some food. When you feed the boars and keep them together, you can get them to breed. Breeding boar and then slaughtering them is great for getting plenty of leather scraps in Valheim.

There are other ways to farm for these scraps, but those require going out into the world. You can find the leather in debris piles out in the Swamps. They may also spawn as loot inside Swamp Crypts. Trouble is, none of these two sources seem to respawn, meaning that they’re much less preferable to farming boars.

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For more details, look at our guide on taming and breeding boars for more info. The biggest problem with this approach is that you need to put time and resources into getting food. Each day, you need to feed your boars to keep them tamed and breeding. Make sure to have a ton of food and seeds on hand to make the food keep flowing.

As you get up to a few boar in your pens, you can kill off some for some loot. Always be sure to keep at least two boars alive.

You can then take these basic resources and get more powerful gear. Some Silver ore might be a good goal. You can also farm for some other basic resources like Black Metal Scrap and Fine Wood. Both of these items can be useful for some crafting recipes.

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