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Fortnite Season 8 launch incoming

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Ahead of the upcoming new season of content in the juggernaut of the battle royale genre, the game world is once again changing as Epic teases the new content by slowly changing or adding new things. This time, the game world appears to be breaking apart, instead of giant purple cubes, massive food or whatever else Epic has done in the past to tease new content runs.

The massive fissures were spotted all over the main game map, and a number of episodes of earthquakes have been reported in-game near said events. No idea what this could mean though, as Epic hasn’t announced Season 8 yet. But that hasn’t stopped fans from launching into rabid speculation over what these could mean.

Regardless of what’s ahead, it is pretty obvious that Season 7 is wrapping up. The most recent round of patches with 7.30 and 7.40 were pretty light on content, although they did include things like the new Chiller Grenades. There was also the much-requested Trios LTMFortnite update 7.40 introduces some Overtime Challenges to tuck into, which will keep you busy until February 27.

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