How to get the Marathon Armor in Destiny 2

How to get the Marathon Armor in Destiny 2

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event is live in Destiny 2. Players have a huge batch of new quests to complete to earn unique rewards. Prepare to feel nostalgic as the game brings back iconic weapons and gear. Strange Coins and Strange Favor Ranks are the two core elements of this new reward structure. Since it’s a Bungie-themed event, of course, Halo is in the mix. The new weapons added in the event all tie into Halo, either visually or through some reference.

As part of all this, there are a few activities you can do. Xur will take in Strange Coins farmed from the Dares of Eternity to give you loot and bounties. Completing these bounties, along with the other activities, is key to getting the Marathon Armor in Destiny 2. You could also run the Grasp of Avarice dungeon to get the Thorn set, if you wish.

How to get the Marathon Armor in Destiny 2

The Marathon Armor in Destiny 2 is locked into a laddered progression system. You need to unlock each piece by getting a certain amount of Strange Favor with Xur and co. This will unlock the pieces. Simply go through rounds of Dares of Eternity to get the Keys. From there, complete enough missions to raise your Strange Favor.

Here’s the breakdown with how many Treasure Keys you need is important. You need to farm Xur Bounties and the various missions to reach the following ranks:

  • Arms: Rank 4 and three Treasure Keys.
  • Head: Rank 4 and three Treasure Keys.
  • Chest: Rank 7 and five Treasure Keys.
  • Legs: Rank 10 and five Treasure Keys.
  • Class Item: Rank 13 and seven Treasure Keys.
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n other words, you’re going to have to max out your Strange Favor rank (the rank associated with Dares of Eternity) and use a total of 23 Treasure Keys.  Each run of the Dares event gives a little over 100 Favor, so you’re in for some work.

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