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Fortnite could be getting no-combat mode, new map

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite’s 12.50 update is available for all players right now, bringing a bunch of different elements to the game. And as is always the case with these large patches for popular games, dataminers have ripped it to pieces looking for hidden clues and new content. ShiinaBR, a prolific source for datamining and leaks with Fortnite, has discovered something which could completely change the way the game is played.

The biggest changes are the new game mode being mined out of the code. The new mode is supposedly called Party Royale and will take the combat elements out of the building game. With their more creative intent unleashed in Party Royale, players will be able to craft the Fortnite world of their dreams.

There’s also a new island inbound, labeled with the codename Papaya. This entirely new map will likely host new game modes and mini-games, as the new data suggests. One element uncovered hints at special phonebooths that will allow players to swap skins in the middle of a match, something entirely new to the battle royale game.

With the data pulled from the depths fo the patch, the description of the new content reads, “leave your weapons and mats behind and hang out with friends,” so it seems that Epic is about to kick away combat in some way. It’s unclear if this applies to just the new game mode or the new Papayay map. It’s possible both could be getting such an option.

At the very least we’re going to see some new themed content on the Papaya map, and likely as part of Party Royale too.

Epic Games is also working on Fortnite Season 3 within the Chapter 2 release as of 12.50. Various in-game elements have begun teasing the new season of content, like mysterious posters that have appeared all over the map.

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